Weekly Group Mixed Media Painting Classes

Discover exciting new mixed-media painting techniques and mediums with the Mixed Media Master. 

My classes are perfect for everyone, from beginners to practicing artists. 

Start your creative journey or take your paintings to the next level.

Learn new mixed media & painting techniques with a variety of acrylic paint viscosities and interesting mediums, like fibre paste, crackle paste, molding paste, gels, additives and unique grounds and finishes.

Discover beautiful colour combinations and learn about colour mixing, brushes and brushstrokes.

Explore interesting drawing techniques with charcoal, pencil, watercolour pencils, pastels, graphite powder, acrylic markers and more!

Experiment with creative techniques such as photo transfers, acrylic skins, gold leaf, plaster and textural elements.

8 consecutive weekly classes per session.

Start any time. I will integrate you into the class!


$425 + gst for 8 consecutive weekly classes


Wednesday 6 pm - 9 pm

Thursday 10 am - 1 pm


My Studio!

208 - 1000 Parker Street, Vancouver


If you don't have your own mixed media supplies and acrylics, you can use mine for a nominal fee. I have absolutely everything!

The supply fee includes GOLDEN acrylic paints, mediums, gels & pastes, drawing utensils (charcoal, graphite powder & sticks, pastels, acrylic markers, charcoal, watercolour pencils), inks, collage papers, gold leaf, handmade Japanese papers...

Plus the use of all of my tools; brushes, aprons, palettes, brayers, cutting utensils, texture-making stuff, stencils, stencil-making material, and more! I can't list it all!

Students provide the substrate, a wood panel, for each lesson or save a trip to the art store and purchase them from me. :)

Supply Fees

$100 + tx/8 classes

"Creativity is exploration, discovery and growth."

Art can immerse individuals in a state of flow, where they become fully engrossed in the creative process. This state of being, often meditative and euphoric, allows one to embrace the present moment fully. 

In my art practice, I constantly explore and experiment looking for new and innovative mixed-media techniques and mediums. With great pleasure, I share my unique discoveries with my students, keeping lessons fresh and exciting. Over 14 years of teaching and still, each lesson is new! 

I gently encourage each student to expand their horizons, free their minds, and ignite their artistic expression. Join me on a journey of creativity as we explore the realm of mixed media. Together, we can become masters of this fun and versatile art form!

Create with me, the Mixed Media Master!

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