Private Classes

Learn to Create Mixed-Media Paintings at your Own Pace!

Mixed-media art is an exciting and dynamic way to explore creativity by combining various techniques and mediums. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of artistic self-expression!

I am a GOLDEN Artist Educator and have extensive knowledge about the vast world of mediums. Learn with me, the Mixed Media Master!

After my 1st private lesson with Sonya, I’m hooked!!! I’ve been going for private lessons once a week since June. I’m currently on my 8th project!!! Initially, I hoped to simply get better at watercolour & acrylic painting, not only have I now been taught many techniques for those mediums but I have learned a variety of other mediums that I never knew anything about: carving, image transferring, gold leaf application, clear embossing, stencilling, matte medium application… - the possibilities are simply endless… this is all due to the amazingly creative professional artist-teacher that Sonya is! She knows exactly which mediums I should learn/do for each project that I visualize & we’d brainstorm together. She listens, encourages, problem-solves creatively with a big heart during each private session (2-3hrs), guiding me every single step in the process. I am learning so much with Sonya… truly appreciate her knowledge & patience - each project so far has surpassed my expectations & extremely meaningful for me. I most appreciate the multitude of processes involved in the creation of a mixed media artwork piece!!! I highly recommend Sonya’s private lessons, truly one of the best new experiences that I thoroughly enjoy weekly - truly joyful!!!

- Elisa J

Private Student