Weekend Workshops

I teach an array of Specialized Mixed Media Workshops throughout the year. Many are in my studio and others are hosted by Galleries or Art Centres.

Mixed Media Intensive Weekend Workshop

I was lucky to attend a weekend workshop on mixed media techniques & a deep dive golden mediums. Sonya's teaching style is incredibly supportive & kind while still providing opportunity to grow and learn. Sonya teaches in a process driven way - which as a student I love! I picked up so many ideas on what I can apply to my own practice as an artist.

What I appreciated especially is that in a course with quite a different set of experience and skill Sonya found ways to help each of us grow, without slowing down the pace or leaving the less experienced artists behind.

I highly recommend taking a class with Sonya - if I were based in Vancouver (and not Seattle) I would immediately be joining a weekly class.

- Kerry K