Let Go and Flow!

Sonya is an incredible artist, teacher and human. One evening, I did a drop-in class with Sonya...and I stayed for five years! Wonderful weekly explorations into creativity led by this gifted human. Sonya is the reason I was able to let go of my perfectionism (in creating art, but this also helped me in other areas of my life). Her open and honest and easy-going style combined with her passion for art and connecting with people made these classes part creative work and part healing work. The only reason I stopped going was because I moved away.

Tamara Cotton

Mixed Media Master!

I was in Sonya's class for years and years and only stopped because my work schedule changed. Sonya is incredibly knowledgeable and creative with mixed media art. She's also a lot of fun and the classes are a true joy! She has a gift for working with people of all experience levels and styles so that everyone feels good about what they are creating. When I started with Sonya, I had no painting experience. Now, I sell my paintings and exhibit internationally...entirely thanks to Sonya. Her classes brought so much joy into my life each week. I can't recommend them enough!

- Beth Stewart

2010 - 2021

Amazing Human Being and Teacher!

Sonya is an amazing human being and teacher. I have been taking painting classes with Sonya since 2016. Her classes helped me express my creative side and also were good for my mental health. Sonya knows how to teach people at any level and really meets you where you are with your skills (or zero experience). She pushes you to explore different techniques and assist you along the way. I highly recommend her classes and look forward to taking another one soon!

- Genevieve K

2016 - Current

A Heap of Learning!

Having taken several of Sonya's art classes, I cannot recommend them and her enough. She is a natural teacher, engaging, supportive and a keen observer and communicator, so she is able to keep edging you along the learning path. Her classes were not only a lot of fun, they had a heap of learning through the creative lessons she shared. I loved how people of all walks of life and all skill levels were welcome and comfortable and clearly thoroughly enjoyed Sonya's classes.

- Efrosini Drimousis

All Levels Welcome!

Sonya is a wonderful teacher. She's very knowledgeable and experienced, and she is constantly testing out new techniques herself which she shares with her students. Regardless of your level of experience, Sonya can meet you there. Personally, I was looking to expand my repertoire and knowledge of the vast world of products that are available for artists to use and how to use them. This was a great way to do that. I can now apply what I've learned from Sonya to my own work and it has changed everything

- Jessica K

Her Humour is Contagious!

For several years I have taken art with Sonya and loved it. She is a talented artist and a patient, calming teacher. Sonya makes her students feel like a community of burgeoning artists. Her humour is contagious. Sonya makes learning fun. She allows her students to be creative with gentle instructions to help us along.

- Alice K

Pro-D Day Workshop for Educators

We had a great day with Sonya creating art. We booked her for one of our schools Pro-D Days. Sonya was very well organized. She had lots of samples laid out for us and separate workstations set up. There were so many high-quality materials to work with as well.

We were able to create many different samples of techniques turned into art pieces. I brought them back to school and used them as samples for my students. With some of the techniques I learned with Sonya I was able to adapt them when I created cross-curricular projects in science.

Sonya was extremely generous with sharing her ideas and what she used to create some of her own art pieces as well. I appreciated her knowledge and generous sharing of her ideas and her very comprehensive step by step approach to teaching.

Sonya, you receive an Excellent grade from me! Hope to take more classes with you at some point.

- Cindy Schreyer Arts, Integrated Specialist

Fraser Academy School

Prod-Day Workshop

So Much Good Energy!

Thank you to Sonya for an amazing series of classes. I work primarily in oils, so I learned so much about working with acrylics and cool techniques I would never have imagined.

Having said that I am a creator, I must say that these workshop style classes are extremely accessible to everyone at all levels.

So much good energy in the space!

Thank you Sonya for your inspirational teaching ❤️👏👏👏

- Jane R

Private School Workshops

Sonya is one of our favourite guest artists to have in. She is friendly, relatable, innovative, and FUNNY! Sonya has helped our young artists come up with new ways of expressing themselves using typical artistic materials in unique ways. Sonya is a certified Golden Artist Educator, so she brings knowledge and good materials to class. She also has great concepts behind her own work and our students love hearing about how she comes up with her ideas, and then intertwines them with materials and process.

- Kelly Poole - Senior School Art Teacher

Arts and Applied Design Skills & Technology Department

Crofton House School

Annual Guest Artist Workshops

Mixed Media Intensive Weekend Workshop

I was lucky to attend a weekend workshop on mixed media techniques & a deep dive golden mediums. Sonya's teaching style is incredibly supportive & kind while still providing opportunity to grow and learn. Sonya teaches in a process driven way - which as a student I love! I picked up so many ideas on what I can apply to my own practice as an artist.

What I appreciated especially is that in a course with quite a different set of experience and skill Sonya found ways to help each of us grow, without slowing down the pace or leaving the less experienced artists behind.

I highly recommend taking a class with Sonya - if I were based in Vancouver (and not Seattle) I would immediately be joining a weekly class.

- Kerry K

Team Building Workshops (Private)

Sonya is incredibly warm, friendly, and talented. We had Sonya host a painting workshop for the BC Cancer Redevelopment Team of 28 participants. She was organized and responsive during the entire process of planning the workshop. We highly recommend her. Thank you so much, Sonya!

- Susan S

Private Student Sessions

An artist-friend recommended Sonya when I was searching for private lessons after dabbling with painting (art therapy is great for my brain surgery recovery). I love art but never created for myself & didn’t want to just give up after a few months of feeling discouraged with the lack of guidance at my local community centre group classes. In June, I contacted Sonya & she explained her expertise in Mixed Media Art (I had no idea what it is & after our email correspondence, I was curious). After my 1st private lesson with Sonya, I’m hooked!!! I’ve been going for private lessons once a week since June. I’m currently on my 8th project!!! Initially, I hoped to simply get better at watercolour & acrylic painting, not only have I now been taught many techniques for those mediums but I have learned a variety of other mediums that I never knew anything about: carving, image transferring, gold leaf application, clear embossing, stencilling, matte medium application… - the possibilities are simply endless… this is all due to the amazingly creative professional artist-teacher that Sonya is! She knows exactly which mediums I should learn/do for each project that I visualize & we’d brainstorm together. She listens, encourages, problem-solves creatively with a big heart during each private session (2-3hrs), guiding me every single step in the process. I am learning so much with Sonya… truly appreciate her knowledge & patience - each project so far has surpassed my expectations & extremely meaningful for me. I most appreciate the multitude of processes involved in the creation of a mixed media artwork piece!!! I highly recommend Sonya’s private lessons, truly one of the best new experiences that I thoroughly enjoy weekly - truly joyful!!!

- Elisa J

Private Student

Beautiful Community, Safe Space.

I have been enjoying classes with Sonya during the past nine months. It has been a fantastic way to step back into art and creativity. Sonya is an amazing artist and an incredible person. She has created a beautiful community and a safe space with an emphasis on the process and exploring. I love all the different projects we have done with various techniques and applications leaving me with a sense of accomplishment. from beginners to experienced artists, all can enjoy the classes.

- Diane Schindler

Mixed Media Extravaganza!

I LOVE Sonya's art classes. She is an amazing teacher and an amazing person. Her classes are always full of other super interesting people. I started out as a total newbie to art, and was able to join right in to her classes. She can bring along newbies with her more experienced students. I love her art and the projects we work on. I actually love some of my own art I've created in her class. I've taken classes with Sonya for about 3 years over the past 10 years...I move a lot and come and go to Vancouver, but when I'm there, I usually make my way back to her classes. Projects are always a mixed media extravaganza, she combines ideas from multiple artists and throws in her own twists. It's really quite an exciting process. Sonya is super patient with newbie frustrations and perfectionism issues. It's a great place to learn to paint, or continue to paint! Sonya is the best.

- Melanie B

Team Building Workshops (Private)

Sonya facilitated a team building Art Class for my collegiues and I at our work and it was a terrific success! She helped us all get into the "flow state" and allowed us to be as creative as we wanted. I'm realizing how taking some time out of your day to take part in some art really is so beneficial for health, and I will be looking to invest in more activities like tgis in the future. Thank you Sonya!

-Katie Chandler

Private Student Sessions!

I've been coming to Sonya for a few months now with my grandmother for private lessons. She has been incredible at supporting us both at our different levels of skill, creating a positive and welcoming environment for creative expression, and has been great at communicating regarding scheduling. It has been a treat to get the chance to work with an artist who is so inspired by the world around her and who is so passionate about the work she does.

- Bayle J

Private Group Workshops

I am a vice principal of Purpose Secondary School in New Westminster, a specialized educational school. Our grade 8 and 9 students attended Sonya's workshop at Parker Street Studios, and were thoroughly engaged throughout her workshop. Her art projects were interesting and dynamic. Sonya was excellent in her rapport with the students and responded to their unique needs perfectly. Our grade 8/9 teacher characterized the workshop experience as "therapeutic", and in fact will be signing herself up for more of Sonya's workshops. Very pleased with the expereince!

-Jordan Samek

Learn New Techniques!

Sonya is a wonderful teacher. She's very knowledgeable and experienced, and she is constantly testing out new techniques herself which she shares with her students. Regardless of your level of experience, Sonya can meet you there. Personally, I was looking to expand my repertoire and knowledge iof the vast world of products that are available for artists to use and how to use them. This was a great way to do that. Now I can apply what I have learned from Sonya to my own work and it has changed everything.

Project Ideas Are So Exciting!

I’ve had the privilege of being a painting student of Sonya's for 10 years. During that time, I have learned so many wonderful things. Sonya provides a welcoming classroom environment, helping students feel comfortable and at home in a very short amount of time. Project ideas are so exciting that I often wish there were 10 of me working on them. She provides great lessons, ample time to explore, excellent support and positive constructive feedback. Great community is magically created within the classes, and there’s a special hum of creative energy in the room. I highly recommend anyone to take her courses, from those with no experience to experienced artists.

Sarah Hoye

2009 - 2020

A Really Wonderful Hidden Gem in Vancouver.

Sonya's art classes are wonderful, and the best part is you don't have to have prior experience. You get to unlock creative skills and try new things. I have made several art pieces that friends and family ask me about all the time. Sonya is a gifted artist and teacher and she will guide you through the artistic process seamlessly. A really wonderful hidden gem in Vancouver.