Sonya and Denna Erickson offer workshops and classes at The ArtWay Studios at 1000 Parker st. in Vancouver, BC.

Some Workshops that I offer are:

Gold Leaf Intensive

Acrylic Skins

Gelli-plate Monoprinting

Painting on Etched Plaster

Christmas Card Printing

Mono-Printing Techniques

and many more!

Contact me if you would like to book a super fun private, group or team-building class or workshop with a Mixed-media Master! I Love teaching! I bring all of my years of experimenting with materials and methods to my students! 

Contact me for more details.

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“Our teaching method is about process, mindfulness and flow.

Art naturally puts people in the flow state; the state where one feels completely absorbed with the act of creativity. It is a meditative, blissful state of being in the present moment.

We have been teaching together for over ten years and between us have over forty years of Art Making experience. The beauty of our world inspires us and we bring this inspiration to our students through new and experimental mixed media techniques and mediums. We help our students open their minds, free their souls and ignite their creativity.

Create with us!”

A few comments from students

I am addicted to The Artway. When I miss a class, I really feel it. Denna and Sonya are a big and important part of my life now. Thank you ArtWay!

- Lynn D

I first discovered The Artway through a friend, she had the most beautiful paintings on her wall. I asked her where she bought these paintings. She said “I painted them”. I couldn't believe she could paint something so beautiful. I had to know where she was taking art classes. This was my first introduction to The Artway. The studio has a good buzz and is the most wonderful place. Denna and Sonya are very talented artists and have a special way with people. They are patient and they take you out of the box. I have limited art experience, The ArtWay instructors have opened my art world with passion. I just can't wait to go to my art classes and when I get there, three hours is like three minutes. I cannot tell you how great this place is. I am hooked.
- Fay J

I’ve had the privilege of being a painting student of The ArtWay for 10 years. During that time, I have learned so many wonderful things. Sonya and Denna provide a welcoming classroom environment, helping students feel comfortable and at home in a very short amount of time. Project ideas are so exciting that I often wish there were 10 of me working on them. They provide great lessons, ample time to explore, excellent support and positive constructive feedback. Great community is magically created within the classes, and there’s a special hum of creative energy in the room. I highly recommend anyone to take their courses, from those with no experience to experienced artists.
Sarah H.

Art washes away from the soul the dust from everyday life
Pablo Picasso