This series is about connections; connections to family, friends, nature, my country, my world and their histories (from the beginning) and their stories. It speaks of past connections to ancestry and the people who walked before us; the spirits of the departed and the memories and legacies they left us.


It tells of the present, the past two years living within a pandemic. Maintaining our connections was difficult. We could not gather and at times had to shelter in place, isolate. Though we could not be with each other physically, we found ways of connecting. Utilizing online platforms and apps, we reached out, so we could maintain and nurture the connections that were so important to us.


The houses in this series speak of shelter and of the importance of home, family and a safe place to be.


The thread lines symbolize the unseen emotional connections between us and bonding through space online, invisible ties holding us together while apart.


The gold areas represent hope for the future; hope that we don’t go all the way back to normal. The hope that we have learned much from this saga, and going forward we have realized and remember what is truly important to us and stay the course.