Lessons, Workshops & More...

With the Mixed Media Master

I have been teaching weekly Mixed Media Lessons to adults for 14 years consecutively. Because I have many long term students I have rarely taught the same lesson twice! 

Every Lesson is NEW and FRESH! 

I also teach specialized workshops, private lessons, group or team-building workshops and 

Pro-D day workshops. I mentor emerging and mid career artists and am a guest teacher at schools.  

Some Workshops that I offer are:

Mixed Media Intensive

Acrylic Mediums Intensive

Gold Leaf Intensive

Acrylic Skins

Gelli-plate Mono-printing

Painting on Etched Plaster

Christmas Card Printing 

Lino Cut Printing

Mono-Printing Techniques

and many more!

Contact me if you would like to:

- book a unique and fun private, group or team-building class or workshop. 

- learn to create with private lessons

- need an experienced mentor

- would like to have a guest artist to teach a lesson at your school

I am an experienced Mixed Media Master and I LOVE teaching! I bring all of my years of experimenting with materials and methods to my students! 

Contact me for more details.

My teaching method is about process, mindfulness and flow.

Art naturally puts people in the flow state; the state where one feels completely absorbed with the act of creativity. It is a meditative, blissful state of being in the present moment.

The beauty of my world inspires me and I bring this inspiration to my students through new and experimental mixed media techniques and mediums. I help my students open their minds, free their souls and ignite their creativity.

Create with me!”

Comments from students & clients

I’ve had the privilege of being a painting student of Sonya's for 10 years. During that time, I have learned so many wonderful things. Sonya provides a welcoming classroom environment, helping students feel comfortable and at home in a very short amount of time. Project ideas are so exciting that I often wish there were 10 of me working on them. She provides great lessons, ample time to explore, excellent support and positive constructive feedback. Great community is magically created within the classes, and there’s a special hum of creative energy in the room. I highly recommend anyone to take her courses, from those with no experience to experienced artists.

- Sarah Hoye

I was in Sonya's class for years and years and only stopped because my work schedule changed. Sonya is incredibly knowledgeable and creative with mixed media art. She's also a lot of fun and the classes are a true joy! She has a gift for working with people of all experience levels and styles so that everyone feels good about what they are creating. When I started with Sonya, I had no painting experience. Now, I sell my paintings and exhibit internationally...entirely thanks to Sonya. Her classes brought so much joy into my life each week. I can't recommend them enough!

- Beth Stewart

Sonya is one of our favourite guest artists to have in. She is friendly, relatable, innovative, and FUNNY! Sonya has helped our young artists come up with new ways of expressing themselves using typical artistic materials in unique ways. Sonya is a certified Golden Artist Educator, so she brings knowledge and good materials to class. She also has great concepts behind her own work and our students love hearing about how she comes up with her ideas, and then intertwines them with materials and process.

- Kelly Poole - Senior School Art Teacher
Arts and Applied Design Skills & Technology Department

Crofton House School

We had a great day with Sonya creating art. We booked her for one of our schools Pro-D Days. Sonya was very well organized. She had lots of samples laid out for us and separate workstations set up. There were so many high-quality materials to work with as well.

We were able to create many different samples of techniques turned into art pieces. I brought them back to school and used them as samples for my students. With some of the techniques I learned with Sonya I was able to adapt them when I created cross-curricular projects in science.

Sonya was extremely generous with sharing her ideas and what she used to create some of her own art pieces as well. I appreciated her knowledge and generous sharing of her ideas and her very comprehensive step by step approach to teaching.

Sonya, you receive an Excellent grade from me! Hope to take more classes with you at some point.

- Cindy Schreyer Arts, Integrated Specialist

Fraser Academy School